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For Special Times of
Celebration or Need

The Reverend Kathy Treviño

A Note from the Author

This collection of prayers is intended for those who wish to offer written prayers for friends, family, or church members as an expression of their love and faith. The short prayers are for times of both celebration and need and easily can be adapted to suit the particular situation of the recipient. Please feel free to copy and paste them into your computer to make your personalized cards, or they may be handwritten on invitation-size card notes.

The prayers are written from a Christian perspective, but may be adapted to suit the religious perspective of any God-seeker. The theological underpinnings behind these prayers are threefold:

1) God’s steadfast love and mercy (Hebrew: hesed) is the prevailing power upon which all of creation and life depend.

2) The Creator of this world has a plan for human, creaturely life beyond what we can see or imagine. It is being worked out in the course of our individual lives and in the course of human history.

3) Although each individual may experience great joy and health, the reality of pain and suffering cannot be avoided because it is part of the human condition. But no matter what the circumstances, God is with us, whether we recognize that divine presence or not. And in that, we can take comfort and live in hope.

About the Author
The Reverend Kathy Treviño is a retired minister of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). These prayers were written to individuals throughout her years in ministry in response to a great variety of circumstances of church members, friends, and family. She has lived in Texas for over 40 years, and currently resides in Austin.

All Scripture quotes are from the New International Version,, 2006 Zondervan



Post 1: Introduction and Index

Post 2: Prayers For Family Life (1-119)

Post 3: Prayers For Healing (120-211)

Post 4: Prayers For Troubled Times (212-307)

Post 5: Prayers For Teens (308-342)

Post 6: Prayers from the Church (343-364)

Post 7: Letters from the Church (365-400)

Post 2: FOR FAMILY LIFE (1-119)

Birthday Prayers (1-40)

Birthday During Pregnancy (41-42)

Birthday in Challenging Times (43-54)

Birthday for the Dying (55-56)

For a Twelve Step Birthday (57)

Birthday Prayers and Letters for Children (58-62)

Engagement (63-65)

Wedding (66-69)

Anniversary (70-83)

Anniversary of a Marriage Restored

Anniversary in Challenging Times

News of Pregnancy (88)

Undergoing Fertility Treatments (89)

Arrival of an Adopted Child (90)

Birth of a Baby (91-93)

Birth to a Single Mother (94)

New Grandparents (95)

New Home (96-99)

House Blessing (100)

First Day of School (101)

Graduation (102-109)

Away at School (110-112)

For Parents (113)

Foster Parents and Children (114)

Coming Out (115)

When a Family Member Comes Out (116)

Unemployed (117)

New Job (118-119)

Post 3: FOR HEALING (120-211)

Healing (120-145)

Medical Testing or Hospital Stay (146-153)

Transplant Recipient (154)

Thanksgiving for a Good Report

After a Fall or Accident (159-162)

Before a Child’s Surgery (163)

Before Surgery (164-167)

After Surgery (165-174)

Intensive Care or Isolation (175-176)

Chemotherapy and Long Term Treatment (177-183)

When the Patient is Unable to Pray

For the Mentally Ill (186-188)

After a Stroke or Major Disability

Recovery from Eating Disorders (196)

Recovery from Addictions (197-199)

Recovery from Guilt (200)

Two Patients in One Family (201-207)

Family Caregivers (208-209)

Patients Away from Home (210)

Family Members Apart from Patient (211)

Post 4: FOR TROUBLED TIMES (212-307)

Going On (212-228)

Times of Conflict (229)

When God is Silent (230)

For the Self-Destructive (231-232)

To Pray for Oneself as Needed (233-236)

To Pray When Responsible for Another's Death (237)

At the Donation of a Loved One's Organs (238)

Military Personnel at War (239)

Military Families (240-241)

Upon Leaving an Abusive Situation (242)

Those Betrayed (243)

Those Who Have Betrayed (244)

Couples Seeking Reconciliation (245)

Going Through Divorce (246-247)

Children of Divorce (248)

While on Trial (249-250)

While in Prison (251-253)

Conviction of a Loved One’s Murderer (254)

After a Trauma (255)

After a Fire (256)

Moving to a Care Facility (257-260)

For the Dying (261-270)

Loved One Dying (271-272)

Unwanted Pregnancy (273)

Miscarriage (274)

Family Victims of Suicide (275-276)

Death of a Loved One (277-292)

Death of a Daughter or Son (293-297)

Prolonged Grieving (298-303)

Special Days Remembered (304-305)

Death of a Pet (306-307)

Post 5: PRAYERS FOR TEENS (308-342)

Birthday Prayers for Teens (308-311)

For Teens and Their Families (312-320)

For Teens to Pray for Themselves (321-342)


For Faith (343)

For Guidance (344-345)

Attendance at Spiritual Retreats (346-347)

Return from Spiritual Retreats (348-50)

Thanks for the Kindness of Others (351-352)

Baptism (353)

Ordination or Commissioning (354)

Shepherds of the Church (355-356)

When Church Professionals Leave (357-358)

Recognition of a Church Teacher (359)

Recognition of a School Teacher (360)

Church Visitors (361)

New Church Members (362)

New Church (363)

Closing of a Church (364)


To Visitors (365-377)

To New Members (378
To Absent Members (379-384)

To the Grieving (385-386)

Those Grieving Broken Relationships (387)

Commendation Letters (388-396)

To Young People (397-398)

On the Church Prayer List (399-400)

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