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This collection of prayers is intended for those who wish to offer written prayers for friends, family, or church members as an expression of their love and faith. The short prayers are for times of both celebration and need and easily can be adapted to suit the particular situation of the recipient. Please feel free to copy and paste them into your computer to make your personalized cards, or they may be handwritten on invitation-size card notes.

The prayers are written from a Christian perspective, but may be adapted to suit the religious perspective of any God-seeker or spiritual traveller. All Scripture quotes are from the New International Version,, 2006 Zondervan

There are 95 short prayers for troubled times in this section to give you a starting place to send your own prayers to friends, neighbors, and those whom you feel led to pray for. Please feel free to copy them and adapt them as you see fit.



Going On (212-228)

Times of Conflict (229)

When God is Silent (230)

For the Self-Destructive (231-232)

To Pray for Oneself as Needed (234-236)

To Pray When Responsible for Another's Death (237)

At the Donation of a Loved One's Organs (238)

Military Personnel at War (239)

Military Families (240-241)

Upon Leaving an Abusive Situation (242)

Those Betrayed (243)

Those Who Have Betrayed (244)

Couples Seeking Reconciliation (245)

Going Through Divorce (246-247)

Children of Divorce (248)

While on Trial (249-250)

While in Prison (251-253)

Conviction of a Loved One’s Murderer (254)

After a Trauma (255)

After a Fire (256)

Moving to a Care Facility (257-260)

For the Dying (261-270)

Loved One Dying (271-272)

Unwanted Pregnancy (273)

Miscarriage (274)

Family Victims of Suicide (275-276)

Death of a Loved One (277-292)

Death of a Daughter or Son (293-297)

Prolonged Grieving (298-303)

Special Days Remembered (304-305)

Death of a Pet (306-307)

For Going On (212-228)

O Life-Stirring God,
Your eternal grace engulfs us in your great love and harbors us safely. And even as the storms of life howl around us, you quietly teach us wisdom and trust. Continue to shelter our dear _____ and teach her what you would have her learn today. Shine the light of Christ upon any darkness of heart or spirit. And bless her with all she may need as she prays each day, “Thy will be done.” In Christ we pray. (212)

O Generous Heart,
You give us light in our darkness, comfort in our anxiety, and hope for our tomorrows. We pray that your abundant Spirit will be upon _____ in this time of crisis and uncertainty. Let the light of Christ shine upon her and all those who wait with her. Bless them with all they may need to meet this day with the peace that is ours through Jesus, our Savior. In Christ we pray. (213)

O Well of Hope,
We seek your soothing blessings when we are weak and fearful. And we thirst for the Living Waters of your saving grace in times of spiritual drought and hopelessness. Spring up again within the soul of your dear child _____. As she wanders in a dry, deserted place of despair, let your Spirit drench her and her waiting family with blessing. Give them strength, wisdom and courage and lead them all in Christ's light. (214)

Ever-Watchful God,
From our mothers’ womb to the cradle of our grave, you are near, upholding and leading, forgiving and healing, strengthening and transforming. We thank you for the countless ways you have blessed your child, _____, through the years with your faithful care. Help her now to rest secure in your presence as she goes through these troubling times, and lead her to the green pastures awaiting her. In Christ we pray. (215)

God of Abounding Compassion,
When we are weary, you give us rest. When we are sinking, you set our feet on solid ground. When we are stumbling, you hold us steady. When we are helpless, you reach out your saving hand. In your mercy hear our prayer for _____ at this time. Touch her with the soothing balm of Christ's peace and your Spirit's power, that she may find her every need fulfilled in you. Amen. (216)

Saving God,
Make your face to shine upon _____ to be a deep and healing blessing. May she know with St. Patrick: "Christ within her. Christ behind her. Christ before her. Christ beside her. Christ to comfort and restore her. Christ beneath her. Christ above her. Christ in quiet. Christ in danger. Christ in hearts of all that love and care for her." Bind her to you and give her good hope in Christ. Amen (217)

O God our Refuge,
Your love and faithfulness are eternal, and your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting. In love and mercy, bless our dear _____ at this time of struggle and worry. Give to her all she may need to endure whatever is to be. Lead her, uphold her, and strengthen her shaky faith. Let the light of Christ shine brightly upon her and grant her deep pools of his peace each step of the way. We ask for his sake and in his name. (218)

Author and Preserver of Life,
We are grateful that our days are sustained by your grace and nurtured by your Spirit’s touch. Hear us as we pray for our dear _____, who is bowed down with the weight of many concerns and problems. Lift her heart and strengthen her resolve to meet this day in faith and trust. Sustain her according to your good will, and help her to rest confidently in the light and peace of Christ. In Jesus' name we pray. (219)

Bread of Heaven,
Grant you tender mercies to our dear, _____. Let your Spirit waft around her like the aroma of a freshly baked loaf, filling in the chasms of fear and hopelessness and giving her the courage to go on. Do not let her eyes grow dim with despair, but nurture her with hope in your renewing power. In Christ we pray. (220)

O Breath of Life,
Your grace rocks us gently to the unbroken rhythm of your eternal love. And as your mercy flows around us in a gentle healing balm, we are born anew. We ask a deep and steady strength for _____, now and in the coming days. In mercy, shelter her body, nourish her soul, and grant her confidence for the next step of her journey. And line her path with lilies from the fields of your peace and joy. In Christ we pray. (221)

God of Miracles,
In thy goodness and mercy, even the harshest circumstances of our days are transformed from causes for despair into deep wells of praise and holy living. And so when courage falters and desperation nips at our heels, when hope is hidden amidst the tangle of our wills with thine, we make bold to pray, "Have thine own way." In mercy bless thy child, _____ as she seeks thy will, and grant her thy peace. In Christ we pray. (222)

God of Endless Miracles,
We thank you for the wondrous power of your eternal grace that carries us from a parched and weary place to the waters of hope. We ask your power to flood over our dear _____, O Living Waters, to give her the strength and courage she craves. As she drinks in the vitality and joy that your love provides, sate her fully. Then kindle a fierce hope within her through your Spirit’s hovering presence and grant her peace in Christ. (223)

God Our Pilot,
At your behest the gale winds blow and the great storms fill the seas. We ask you to bless our friend, _____, as she treads the treacherous waters of this perilous time. Buoy her with the knowledge of your abiding love and give her safe passage. Let her see the beacon of your light along the rocky shoals of her daily tribulations. And keep her tethered to Jesus, who will bring her to safe harbor. In Christ we pray. (224)

Compassionate God,
Your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting for all you have called into life. We ask your tender mercies upon _____ and _____ at this difficult time of life. In distress be their comfort, in weakness be their strength, in pain be their surcease, in unknowing be their light, and in darkness be their guide. Whatever each day may bring, we ask that courage, trust, and joy may be the song they sing through your Spirit’s power. In Christ we pray. (225)

Gracious Sower of Life,
As you scatter seeds of grace throughout our days, you call us to change and grow that you may reap a harvest of goodness in us and through us. We thank you for the goodness that your grace that is bringing _____ during this difficult season. Continue to give her the will and courage to persevere in trust and hope. Bless her as she offers her love and service others, and lead her always in the path of Jesus. In Christ we pray. (226)

O Sovereign God,
Your steadfast love is the fount of all blessings even in the midst of all of the turmoil, changes, and challenges of our lives. We pray you to continue to lead and guide _____ in the midst of her troubles and chaos. Give her all that she may need for this day to “keep on keeping on” in integrity and wisdom. And in your mercy bless her with the light of your face shining upon her each day. In Christ we pray. (227)

Gracious God,
How marvelous to know the wonder of your amazing grace pouring out upon us each day, especially on our sister, _____, as she continues to go through a very rough time. We thank you for the places of recovery and the people with healing skills that have helped bring her though thus far. By your Spirit, give her the perseverance, and courage to slow down and take better care of herself. And grant her the profound and healing peace of Christ, in whose name we pray. (228)

For Times of Conflict (229)

God of Reconciliation,
For our failure to honor our adversaries, forgive us we pray. For our need to be right rather than loving, bring us to repentance. For our goal of victory rather than community, lead us in your paths of righteousness. Bless now _____ and _____ who are deadlocked in conflict and contempt. Break down the walls that divide them and help each to see the other with humility. Give them listening hearts, forgiving spirits, and reconciling words, now and always. In Christ our peace we pray. (229)
When God is Silent (230)

O God of Mystery,
We balk at the agony of your stillness and stumble in the heavy absence of your voice. We fear your silence and distrust the victory of your powerful love over all that crushes life. Unlock our strangling anxieties. And apply the balm of your grace to calm our thrashing hearts, especially upon _____, who fears your absence and cries from the depths of despair. We wait for your voice to speak to her thrashing heart yet again. In Christ we pray. (230)

For The Self-Destructive (231-233)

Ever-loving God,
We ask your Spirit’s gentle touch upon your precious child _____. Lost in a chilling darkness, she waits upon you for light, mercy, and guidance. Smother her attraction toward self-destruction and stay her hand, we pray. Let her drink deeply from the cup of your salvation, that she may find the courage to live and the will and power to claim a future of restoration and hope. And grant your amazing, healing grace to triumph in her and through her each moment, each day. In Christ we pray. (231)

God of Compassion,
Send your profound blessings on _____, who is searching for meaning and hope. Stay her hand of self-destruction and give her the wisdom and courage to make the choices necessary to claim the peace, comfort, and joy of this earthly life. Guide her in her daily walk that she may find your good will and purpose. And lead her into life anew by the power of your Spirit and in the light of your Saving Son. In Christ we pray. (232)

O Melody of Love,
We thank you for planting the song of life within our hearts, buried and tremulous though it sometimes may be. We ask your powerful Spirit to sing for _____ at this time of tuneless despair and grinding panic. Even when such darkness mutes her faith and will to live, grant that the light of Christ may shine along her way and teach her your song of hope yet again. In Christ we pray. (233)

To Pray for Oneself as Needed (234-236)

My God and My Savior,
Sometimes I do not have any words to pray as the burden of my sorrow keeps me silenced. It is then that I ask you, O God of Compassion, to. . .
. . .Accept as prayer my muted-heart and nerve-wracked spirit—Love, hear my prayer.
. . .Accept as prayer my drowning doubt and engulfing anger—Grace, hear my prayer.
. . .Accept as prayer my groaning grief and paralyzing thoughts—Hope, hear my prayer.
. . .Accept as prayer, O Blessing Goodness. . .
. . .my weakness, inability, and struggle to keep going
. . .my debilitated energy and splintered mind
. . .all that conspires to tether my soul to darkness.
Remember me, O Holy One of Life, and hear my prayer. In Christ’s mercy I pray. (234)

Our Father . . .Abba-Daddy, Mommy- Love: generate new life within us all, even me
Who art in heaven . . .and bring us into your precious, holy presence.
Hallowed be Thy name. . .We praise your matchless goodness and love.
Thy Kingdom come . . .May justice, kindness, and humility flourish
Thy will be done . . .according to your Good Plan
on earth as it is in heaven . . .that our lives with others will promote your Reign.
Give us this day our daily bread . . .Nurture our hungering spirits; feed all in need,
And forgive us our debts . . .and restore our integrity,
as we forgive our debtors . . .that we may be transparent vessels of your grace.
And lead us not into temptation . . .Do not let us teeter toward evil doings
But deliver us from evil . . .nor succumb to the lure of self-righteousness.
For Thine is the Kingdom . . .For your good will is the Goal of all things.
And the Power . . .We know that all life and blessings flow from you,
And the Glory forever . . .and galaxies of praise shall abound through eternity.
Amen . . .Hallelujah! Hallelujah! May it be so. (235)

O Fusion of Love,
Why do I fear when Thou art my Source and my End? Why do I rage against human weakness, when it is the weakness itself that gives Thee cause to extend Thy tender mercies in such abundance? O gentle Breath of God, melt my rigid heart now frozen by despair. Gird me with Thy grace and shield me with Thy hope. May I daily remember that this is the day that Thou givest to rejoice and be glad in, that I may will to rejoice all my days. Alleluia! Alleluia! (236)

To Pray When Responsible for Another’s Death (237)

O LORD my God, I take refuge in you; save and deliver me from all who pursue me, or they will tear me like a lion and rip me to pieces with no one to rescue me. Psalm 7:1-2

My God, My God,
How can I ever make peace with this hideous tragedy that leaves so much grief, so many tears in its wake? I am the focus of terrible anger and great pity, and who can blame them? Oh, that I could do it over, but what has happened cannot be changed. Yet you, O Savior, can make a way where there is no way, that forgiveness may come, and I may to learn how to live with this. You are my only hope. Do not forsake me, I pray. Oh let the arms of Jesus envelop me in your peace! In Christ's name I pray. (237)

Donation of Loved Ones' Organs (238)

Hovering Spirit,
With shock and grief, we have suffered the loss of our dear _____'s life. But with great love reflecting your own, _____ and _____ have given permission for her organs to be used for others' sake. May each transplant be a source of gospel grace for the recipients. And let the hands of all who transport, care for, and implant these precious gifts of life be as the hands of Christ bringing light and hope. In Christ we pray. (238)

Military Personnel at War (239)

Show the wonder of your great love, you who save by your right hand those who take refuge in you from their foes. Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 17:7-8

Faithful God,
When we are surrounded with those who seek to destroy our lives, you hide our souls in the refuge of your eternal wings, and we remember that your steadfast love will never let us go. We pray for _____ who is in circumstances both deadly and deadening. Give her refuge in the shadow of your hovering Spirit. Guard and keep her going out and her coming in, and bless her with all she may need. In Christ we pray. (239)

For Military Families (240-241)

Rampart of Grace,
Even in the worst times, we are called to trust that your good will and mercy shall prevail in this world you love so dearly. We pray at this difficult time of departure for _____. We ask your blessing on her and her family in her absence. Grant them all comfort in the midst of anxiety, and peace in the face of fears. And while she is in the dangerous fields of conflict, keep her safe and bring her home. In Christ we pray. (240)

Power of the Universe,
We ask your deepest blessings upon _____ and _____ and their family during this time of enforced separation. May they lean heavily upon your grace for all their needs. Grant _____ your wisdom and courage as she goes where she is ordered. Give her a discerning heart to follow orders with integrity and righteousness. Keep her safe from harm and guide all her actions. In Christ we pray. (241)

Leaving an Abusive Situation (242)

Harbor of Safety,
We thank you for giving _____ the courage to claim sanctuary from her dangerous home life. Continue to pour out your saving grace in abundance upon her and her children now. Give her safety, guidance, and the wisdom that she seeks. Lead her into greater self-understanding and self-love through the struggles of this new beginning, and let the light of Christ shine upon her every step of the way. In Jesus we pray. (242)

For Those Betrayed (243)

Abiding Hope,
In your compassion, you suffer with those who have been deceived and betrayed. With confidence in your power to do what we cannot, we claim your abundant goodness for _____ in the coming weeks and months. In grace and mercy, let your Spirit make a way through the darkness and pain. Be her light and her strength, her guide and her comfort as she seeks your healing and peace. In Christ we pray. (243)

For Those Who Have Betrayed (244)

Redeeming God,
When we are mired in a web of lies, betrayal and unfaithfulness, in grace you lead us to repentance, forgive our sins, and restore us to right living. Your child, _____, now finds herself at your throne of judgement and mercy. Quicken her spirit with forgiveness and resurrect her torn and bleeding relationship. And restore the shattered trust between them toward healing and hope each day. In Christ we pray. (244)

Couples Seeking Reconciliation (245)

God of Miracles,
You call us to weed out the harmful ways and bad habits that stifle our relationships and break apart the bonds of our attachment. As your children _____ and _____ struggle toward reconciliation, sow love, patience and hope in their hearts. May they cling to your mercy, forgiveness, and strength as they await your healing power to resurrect their marriage/relationship. In Christ we pray. (245)

Those Going Through Divorce (246-247)

O Gracious God,
A time of deep darkness and pain has come upon _____ as her marriage is torn asunder. She hungers for signs of your grace through this wrenching time of starting over. Place your healing hand upon the wounds of heart and soul, and comfort the family as they adjust to a new beginning. Give each of them wisdom and courage and let your light shine upon them day by day. In Christ we pray. (246)

God of New Beginnings,
We do not know what the future holds, but we know in whose hands it is held. We ask your bless upon our sister, _____, as her divorce is finalized. Lead her on in this new phase of her journey with you and help her continue to move from darkness and pain into the light of hope. And grant her the ability to forgive and let go of the past, as she abides with you in the peace that passes all understanding. In Christ we pray. (247)

For Children of Divorce (248)

Dear Jesus,
Even when we are scared because of all the changes in our families, we know that you love us and take care of us each day. We pray for _____ (and _____), who is/are now hurting and afraid because of the divorce. Bless her/them each day as she/they adjust(s) to the changes that her/their parents have made, and help her/them with her/their problems. Please turn tears of sadness into smiles for the future. In Christ we pray. (248)

While on Trial (249-250)

Compassionate Judge,
Our call is neither as judge nor jury, but only as companion on the way. Be with our friend, _____, as she undergoes this time of judgement under the courts of law. Strengthen and encourage her, we pray. Let your light shine upon her and speak your words of life and goodness, especially when despair descends and hope flickers. Bless her in accordance with her needs and your great mercy. Fill her with the grace of Jesus and feed her with the Bread of Heaven. In Christ we pray. (249)

Eternal God,
We are blessed to know your Spirit abides with us, especially when time seems to stop and spirits falter. You help us remember that you are working out your good will and mercy through all of the circumstances of our days and that you are with us, no matter what. Deeply bless ______ and her family as she goes through this time of trial. Strengthen her, encourage her, and give her all she may need each day to persevere in faith, hope, and love. In Christ we pray. (250)

While in Prison (251-252)

Boundless One,
Have mercy upon our friend, _____, who is now confined behind bars in hopelessness and despair. Let your Spirit blow upon her each day that the light and peace of Christ may be her constant companion. Whisper your goodness and hope that she may not just survive each day, but by abiding in your grace, be created anew. In Christ the Savior of the world we pray. (251)

Great God of the Ages,
Even when imprisoned behind bars from a past of destruction and mayhem, you are able to redeem our story into one of grace and hope. We ask your blessing upon _____ as she serves out her prison term. Surprise her with gifts of grace and cause her to grow in faith and righteousness. Send your agents of mercy to protect and bless her. And heal her of all that would keep her from responding to you in thanksgiving and new life. In Christ we pray. (252)

Fountain of All Blessing,
You are the Source, Guide, and Goal of all that is, and you offer us strength and healing through your abiding Spirit. Abide with the _____ family at this time, especially with_____ as she struggles to recover sobriety and hope while imprisoned behind bars. Let angels of mercy attend her and make her whole. Bless her parents, her children, and all who love her as they conform their lives and their plans to accommodate her situation. Help them all to persevere and give them good hope in Jesus. In Christ we pray. (253)

Conviction of a Loved One’s Murderer (254)

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress; my God in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:1-2

Steadfast God of Love,
You have been a refuge and a fortress for _____ and ____ who continue to learn to live without their beloved _____, slain by the hand of another. That one has now been brought to justice and this chapter of their ordeal is at long last over. Bless each according to their need and your faithful love, and may your Spirit's power and Christ's grace prevail. In your blessed name we pray. (254)

After a Trauma (255)

God of All Compassion,
We offer our heartfelt gratitude for your hand upon _____ during the dreadful time of trauma and shock. We thank you for the divine timing that brought her to see yet another day of life and ask that the same love and compassion that embraced her then will surround her now as she goes through its aftermath. And we pray you will help her find some meaning from it within your grace and wisdom. In Christ we pray. (255)

After a Fire (256)

O God our Refuge,
We thank you for your saving mercies through those who fought the dreadful fire so valiantly. We thank you for the ____ family's survival and pray for them at this time of the loss of their home and all they own. As they start to rebuild their lives, rain your abundant blessings down upon them. Stir friends and neighbors to acts of kindness and generosity and kindle a living hope within. In the peace of Christ we pray. (256)

Moving to a Care Facility (257-260)

God of All Mercy,
We pray for a safe passage for _____ and _____ as they begin another stage of their journey together. As _____ learns to make her home in the (name of facility), we beseech your merciful peace for any anxieties s/he may feel. And as _____ adjusts to life at home without her/him, we ask your comforting Spirit upon her/him. Provide balm for both of their hurting hearts and consolation for their fears, now and in the coming time. In Christ we pray. (257)

Compassionate God,
You comfort us in our distress and guide us when we are feeling lost. We pray you will bless the _____ family as they struggle to find direction to help for _____. Let Christ’s light lead them toward the path you would have them go. Be with all the family members in this time of unknowing and confusion. Provide them with what each one needs according to your good will and abounding mercy. In Christ we pray. (258)

Eternal Hope,
From our mothers’ wombs to the womb of our graves, you steadfastly lead, encourage, strengthen, and uphold us. We thank you for your faithfulness to _____, your beloved daughter. We ask you to work your good will in her and through her as she moves to her final earthly home. Uphold her in your everlasting arms and carry her to the end of her journey on earth in heavenly peace. In Jesus our Savior, we pray. (259)

Holy God,
You are the wind beneath our wings and so we ask that you will blow your Spirit’s blessings upon our sister, _____, as she is made to move out of her home and into a facility where she will receive the care she requires. Give her the strength for the changes that will come, and let the light of Christ shine upon her through the touch and skill of all who attend to her. Help her to accept what she cannot change and grant her your peace. In Christ we pray. (260)

For the Dying (261-270)

Sheltering God,
We thank you for the promise of your abiding grace upon us in this life and the life to come. It is the foundation of our hope and trust. Bless our dear sister, _____, with all she may need as you lead her toward her final rest Comfort her in her distress, be strength for her in her weakness, and as she draws ever nearer, cause her heart to soar on the wings of your love. In Christ we pray. (261)

O Great Love,
How blessed we are to know that as our days draw to a close and the sting of death is ours to endure, you wrap us ever tighter in salvation’s garments of grace. Enfold our dear _____ and her family as she prepares to make her way to her eternal home with you. Bless her passage through the journey ahead all who now say goodbye to her with the hope of resurrection and glad reunion in your good time. In Christ we pray. (262)

God of the Journey,
We know that in you we have our beginnings and our endings and so we thank you for your gracious Design that gives us a time to live and a time to die. Let it be for _____ according to your good and compassionate will. May your Spirit carry her as she makes her way toward the place you have prepared for her. Bless her and her loving family with all they may need as you welcome her to her final home. In Christ. (263)

Great Weaver of Life,
Throughout our days you mend our broken ways. Then you graciously loosen the knot of our mortality to free us to enter through the doors of eternal life with you. As you now loosen the knot for our dear _____, we seek your blessing. Open the door at her knock that she may enter with her Lord Jesus in triumph and joy. And grant her the peace that passes all understanding now and forever. In Christ we pray. (264)

O Thou our Maker,
Dependent on you for all things, we are blessed by your abiding presence. Called to remember that we are your little children, we trust in your power to redeem and sustain us throughout our life on earth and beyond. May your power now be made complete in _____’s weakness and approaching death. As she comes to you as a little child, let the glory of Heaven shine upon her in joyful welcome. In Christ's peace we pray. (265)

O Boundless One,
You wrap your grace in blessings large and small throughout our days. Especially at our earthly end, grace is wrapped in the gift of death that delivers us into your waiting arms. We pray you will be with our dear sister _____, as she now turns toward Home. Move her beyond the confines of her body so her spirit may soar with trust and hope until she sees you face to face and she shall want no more. In Christ we pray. (266)

Be still and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10a

O Great Refuge,
We would be still and thank you for your grace amid the storms of life and death. We lift before you _____, now caught in the storm between life and death and waiting for release. Settle the peace of Christ upon her and on all who wait at her side in love. Support the loved ones she leaves behind, and let the light of Christ shine upon them all in the sorrow and grief of their parting. In Christ we pray. (267)

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

Poet of All Life,
Your word does not just say something to us, but causes life abundant to grow within us. Even at the very end of our earthly journey, it flourishes within and lights our way toward your waiting arms. Speak your word now to _____, whom you have called by name and claimed as your own, that even her weakness and fading awareness may manifest your glory and proclaim your gracious Rule, on earth as it is in heaven. In Christ we pray. (268)

O Endless Love,
We bless and thank you for all the ways you have spoken to _____ and _____ in love and faithfulness throughout their years together. May your tender mercies continue to pour out upon them, as _____ prepares to cross the great divide of death, and _____ prepares to say goodbye to him/her. Grant to each of them according to their need and your deep compassion. May your Spirit light their way and grant them peace. In Christ we pray. (269)

God of the Journey,
As you map out our days with tender compassion, you call us to trust that your goodwill is being worked out through all of the circumstances of life and death. We ask your Spirit to abide with our sister, _____, in this time as she follows your leading through death to the joyful reunion with the Church Triumphant. Bless her now and shower her with your peace throughout the journey. In Christ we pray. (270)

Loved One Dying (271-272)

O Compassionate God,
As her treasured companion in life hovers between life and death, we ask your Spirit to bless your beloved child, _____. Give her your vision through the darkness as _____ makes his way through death into the abundant life to come. Bless her with the assurance of your presence at this time of letting go. Bestow your gifts of courage and wisdom as you guide her by the light of love, and grant her an overflowing measure of your peace, now and in the coming days. In Christ we pray.

Gracious God,
We seek your Spirit’s touch upon each person in the _____ family as they accompany their beloved _____ to the doors of death. Send your angels to tend to her and to receive her in joy when pain and death have passed. Give this family times of sacred laughter and shared memory as they await her end and touch each of them with a strong sense of your enfolding presence. Speak to them of your faithful love and let them abide in the peace that passes understanding. In Christ we pray. (272)

Unwanted Pregnancy (273)

Author of Life,
We acknowledge that you are in control of our days, and we are not. We are humbly dependent on you for all things, and trust that your goodness will be manifested in all of the circumstances of life. We pray for _____ and _____, who are faced with a pregnancy they did not want. They seek your wisdom and blessing at this time of unexpected life. Speak your word of love and grace to their hearts and lead them in the way you would have them to go. In Christ we pray. (273)

Miscarriage (274)

God of Sorrowing Hearts,
Especially in times of grief and loss, your abiding love and mercy soothes our pains and calms our trembling souls. Hear our prayers on behalf of _____ and _____ in the wrenching loss of miscarriage. Soothe their sorrow, comfort their grieving hearts, and give them the consolation of your Spirit’s strength to see them through this difficult time. Bring healing to this home and restore their hope. We pray in Jesus' name. (274)

For Family Victims of Suicide (275-276)

Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?. . .If I make my bed in the depths, you are there. Psalm 139:7,8b

God of Boundless Compassion,
We believe your steadfast love extends beyond the limits of our mortality and that your Spirit gently accompanies each of us into a future known only to you. At this time of deep grief and bitter questions, we leave _____in your eternal care. May your Spirit abide with ____ (each family member) according to their great need and your everlasting mercy. Give them strength to endure what must be endured, and guide them toward the healing pools of your peace. In Jesus our Shepherd we pray. (275)

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul. Psalm 23:1-2

Hope of the Hopeless,
Although she may not have remembered it, you were the hope of your dear child, ____, who by her own hand now rests within your boundless compassion and love. We ask your deep blessings for _____ as she reels from the enormity of loss and grief. Comfort her as she walks in this dark valley, and lead her gently in the coming time. Let your goodness and mercy flow upon her to uplift her fainting heart. And grant her your peace now and in the coming time. In Christ we pray. (276)

Death of a Loved One (277-292)

God of All Mercy,
You wrap your grace around us like a mother's shawl and you tend to our hearts wounded by sorrow and grief. We pray now for _____as she walks through the valley of the shadow of _____'s death. Bless her and those who mourn with her, and give them all they may need for the days ahead. Grant them the healing power of the Spirit and the deep peace of Christ until they want no more. In Christ we pray. (277)

O God of All Consolation,
Rocked in the cradle of Thy love all our days, we pray as those sure of Thy listening ear and seeking Thy comforting presence. We give Thee our thanks for the life of your beloved child, ____, for we were blessed by her friendship and love. We cry to Thee on behalf of _____, as she now grieves the loss of her dear one. Run to her, succor her, and so tend to her wounded heart, she may find deep comfort, strength, and peace as she lives through this time of wrenching loss. In Christ we pray. (278)

God of the Grieving Heart,
You have told is that it is your good will to be with us and for us in every circumstance of our lives. And so, in trust and hope, we ask your deep blessings to pour out upon _____ in this time of sorrow at the loss of her loved one. In your mercy, comfort and strengthen her and all who mourn _____’s passing. Bless them with all they may need each day, and let the light Christ shine to lead them to the peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus we pray. (279)

Hope of our Hearts,
When we are laden by sorrow too heavy to bear, when we are burdened and wounded, you speak peace to our hearts so we are made able to carry the load and find a wider trust and a deeper hope than we ever knew before. Speak now your enabling words to _____ as she carries her burden of grief and sorrow. Comfort and strengthen her each day. And lead her to the peace that awaits her through your grace. In Christ we pray. (280)

God of All Compassion,
We are so grateful that we do not face the loss of our loved ones alone. We thank you for the strength and consolation of the companionship of your Spirit through the family and friends that surround us with your love and grace. We pray for _____ and for all now mourn _____‘s passing. Give her all she may need according to your good will and mercy, and let your light and peace shine upon her sorrowing heart now and in the time to come. In Christ we pray. (281)

Gracious Giver of All that Is,
We believe you are with us in every circumstance of our lives, especially in times of loss and grief. So we pray that your abiding grace will overflow upon our dear friend _____, at this time of darkness and sorrow. Heal and bless her according to your good will and mercy. Meet her needs each day, and let your consoling Spirit bring her an abundant measure of peace. In Christ we pray. (282)

Almighty Father,
Your grace is the banquet that nourishes our thirsty souls. You give us strength when we are weary and light our way when we are overwhelmed with darkness. At this time of great loss and deep grief at _____’s death, we ask your hovering Spirit to bless and keep _____ and her family. Help her find the strength and light she needs each day. Console her, encourage her, and gently guide her steps. And give her good comfort now and always. In Jesus we pray. (283)

Precious Lord,
You gave the world a wonderful gift in the sterling life of _____. With her loving smile and gracious ways, she greatly blessed her wide circle of family and friends. We give you thanks for the witness of her life and that she has now passed through pain and death and entered the Church Triumphant. Bless _____ now, we pray, and all those learning to live without their dear one’s mortal presence. And touch their hearts with your Spirit’s power to meet all of their needs. In Christ's compassion we pray. (284)

O God of Charity,
Your loving heart responds to our sorrows with the sympathizing tears of Jesus. You never abandon us and you never close your ears to our cries in the night. Hear our prayers now for _____ and _____ and their family in this time of wrenching loss and pain. Be with them as they bear the burden of the death of _____. Bless them in their dark despair and pour out the comfort, light, and peace of Jesus upon them. In Christ we pray. (285)

God of Mercy,
Your Spirit is our compass in life, giving direction and guidance when we have lost our way in the darkness of despair. We ask your guiding hand to be upon _____ and _____as they seek to find their way through the death of dear _____. Bless and keep them according to your good will and compassion. Give strength and courage for the living of each day, and fill their empty hearts with the solace of the grace and peace of Jesus. In Christ we pray. (286)

God of Tender Mercies,
We bless you at all times and in all places, for we have tasted and seen that you are good in every way through all of the circumstances of our lives. And so we take refuge in you with hope and confidence as we ask you to wrap your comforting mantle around _____ and her loved ones who now grieve _____’s death. Bless her as she takes refuge in you and console her with the light and peace of Jesus. In Christ we pray. (287)

God of All Grace,
Your tender mercies toward your children are never needed more than when we experience the loss of a loved one. We thank you for your hovering Spirit in our time of deep need, giving us what we lack and filling us with the solace of your amazing grace. We pray you will continue to hover over ____ and all who mourn the death of _____. Console them as you guide them through their grief, and let your face shine upon them as you lead them to the still waters of peace. In Christ we pray. (288)

Our Maker and Friend,
Even when we are struck mute by loss and pain, our hearts sing our thanksgiving and praise to you, for you are our Living Hope. We thank you for the life you gave to ____, and for all in her that was good and loving. We are grateful that her pain and death are past and that she has entered the fullness of eternal life with you. Comfort _____ and all now who mourn her passing and grant them the healing peace of Christ. In Jesus we pray. (289)

Loving God,
In your mercy, you have called _____ into the joy of her eternal home. We thank you for her life, her deeds of kindness, her humor, and her love. We celebrate her release from Alzheimer’s and that final healing that is now hers. Bless _____, who learned to adjust to her mental and emotional absence, and must now learn to adjust to the loss of her physical presence. Send your Spirit to strengthen her and lead her in the path of Jesus each day. In Christ we pray. (290)

Beginning and Ending of Life,
We celebrate the life of _____’s dear friend/relative and thank you that she now abides with you in repose and peace. We are grateful for all in _____that expressed your hospitality of heart and for all the many ways that bound her to a large, extended family of love. Grant consolation to all who now mourn her passing and give them confidence to believe where they cannot see. In Christ's love we pray. (291)

O Thou our Maker,
Thy loving embrace is our consolation and hope throughout our days, but especially through the long, dark night of grief as we crave Thy tender mercies and gentle care. Wrap Thy tender mercies like bunting around _____ and _____ and their family as they reel from the loss of their dear _____. Llet the light of Christ shine upon them in their sorrow and grant them Thy peace. In Christ we pray. (292)

Death of a Daughter or Son (293-397)

I am worn out from groaning; all night long I flood my bed with weeping
and drench my couch with tears. My eyes grow weak with sorrow. Psalm 6:6-7a

To the One Who Hears Every Groaning Cry,
We have no words to convey our grief in the passing of Thy dear child, _____, too briefly clothed in mortality. May our tears and our groans be acceptable in thy sight, as we trust you will make all things clear when we see Thee face-to-face. Let the touch of Thy Spirit’s Breath stir upon _____ and _____ as they struggle to cope with the loss of their beloved daughter/son. May Thy grace be sufficient for all their needs, and Thy peace flow into the chasms of their pain. In Thy Beloved Son we pray. (293)

If I say, “Surely the darkness shall hide me, and the light become night around me,”
even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you. Psalm 139:11-12

God of All Compassion,
We thank you that you gave the world such a magnificent gift in the life of ____. We are grateful for all in her that made your love visible through her winning ways and loving heart. Especially we thank you for the blessing that she was to her parents, her husband, and her beautiful children. We ask your hovering Spirit to rest upon the _____ family now as they daily face her loss. Meet their needs with the solace of your grace, and let them know the touch of your healing consolation. In Christ we pray. (294)

Aaron remained silent. Leviticus 10:3

Sovereign Lord of the Universe,
In a time and place beyond this, we hope for the gift of knowledge to understand why hideous evil and torturous sorrow are part of human life. But for now, we have no words except your Word of Love and Hope. Send your healing Word of Love upon _____ and _____ as they grapple with the death of their beloved child, _____. Be their comfort in sorrow, their strength in weakness, their consolation in pain, and their guide through the grief. Share the heavy burdens of their hearts, and send your Spirit to be their daily companion in the darkness of their days. In the light of Christ we pray. (295)

Our Father and Our Mother God,
As our Eternal Parent, you called _____ into life with love and tenderness, and now have called her Home. We thank you for her joy and zest in living, and for all she did in faithful, loving service to your great Cause of Grace. Pour out your blessings upon those she leaves behind, especially her parents, _____ and _____. Give them the comfort and guidance of your Holy Spirit and the deep peace of Christ. In Him we pray. (296)

O God Who Will Not Let Us Go,
You are the Source of all compassion, and in you alone can we find consolation. We ask your heavenly comfort for your child, _____, as she struggles to cope with the loss of her beloved son, _____. Let her abide in your Spirit’s presence and find courage from the strength of your everlasting arms. And be her guide in the darkness as she makes her way on the pathway of your healing grace and peace. In Christ we pray. (297)

For the Prolonged Time of Grieving (298-303)

O God of All Life,
In our time of need, you embrace us tenderly in your loving arms. In our time of weakness, you strengthen the legs of our resolve and keep us going. We pray for our sister, _____, as she continues to learn to live without her life-mate, _____. Comfort and strengthen her that she may keep on keeping on. And let the light and peace of your Spirit continue to be her companion each day. In Christ we pray. (298)

Compassionate God,
We thank you for all of your marvelous gifts to us: the miracle of life itself, the nurturing love of family and friends, and the tensile strength of faith that helps us believe where we do not see. Especially we thank you for the gracious companionship of your Spirit through times of loss and grief. Let your blessings continue upon your daughter, _____, in this time of ongoing grief. Comfort, strengthen, and guide her steps and fill her with all she may need according to your mercy. In Christ we pray. (299)

O Treasure of Our Hearts,
In you we find the precious gift of rest for our souls. And so, we turn to you asking your Spirit to rest upon _____ as she continues to learn to live without the bodily presence of her dear _____. May she find rest for her grieving soul and light in her sorrowing darkness. Give her courage in the face of each day and strengthen her for every tomorrow. And grant her your peace. In Christ we pray. (300)

O Heart of Heaven,
With love and tenderness you called your daughter, _____, into life, and with the same love and tenderness you called her to her final home. We thank you for the love she shared and that her many deeds of kindness live on in the hearts of those whose lives she touched. Let your grace now shine upon _____ and _____ as they continue to adjust to life without her. And lead them into the brightness of your healing light and peace that soothes the battered soul. In Christ we pray. (301)

Eternal Guide,
Your compassionate care provides for us each day and secures our future within your steadfast love. May your healing compassion continue to enfold _____ as she walks through the grief of loss of her beloved _____. Bless her with a full measure of your Spirit’s healing balm. Bring her the comfort, strength, and the energy that she seeks, and give her good hope in Jesus who is her Savior, her Friend, and her Peace. In Him we pray. (302)

God of All Hope,
In the midst of all the circumstances of our lives, we believe that you are with us to restore and to bless. We ask your restorative blessings upon _____ as she daily struggles to learn to live without her beloved _____. Be comfort in her distress and a steady rock in the sinking sands of her grief. May she walk in in paths of trust, finding courage, peace, and joy along the way. In Christ's name we pray. (303)

For Special Days Remembered (304-305)
But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

O Rest for our Weary Souls,
We ask you special blessings today as _____ marks the first anniversary of _____’s death. Thank you for the light you have shone in her darkness this past year. Continue to renew her strength and provide for every need, according to your good will and mercy. And grant her the ineffable peace of Jesus each day. In Christ we pray. (304)

Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. . .from everlasting to everlasting you are God. Psalm 90:1, 2c

Eternal Mercy,
You are the source of all comfort and consolation, and so we ask your special blessings upon _____ at this first (Christmas, wedding anniversary, birthday, etc.) without the dear presence of her beloved (husband/daughter, etc.). Pour out your strength and peace upon her and upon all who still deeply mourn _____’s passing. Grant them an abundant measure of your peace and lead them anew into the joy of your salvation. In Christ we pray. (305)

At the Death of a Pet (306-307)

Creator of All Life,
We bless you that our pets share their joy in the gift of life with us in so many delightful ways. We thank you for the _____ family’s wonderful friend, ¬¬¬_____, that brought such happiness and love into their home. As they grieve the loss of their (dog/cat/bird), we ask you to give them fond memories of times past and help them to find your consolation in their grief. In Christ we pray. (306)

Gracious God,
Little _____ was a blessing in the life of the _____ family, shining forth the light of your love and joy in all creatures. Speak your words of comfort to each of them as they mourn the loss of their beloved pet. Help each of the children as they deal with their feelings of grief and bless them all with the consolation of fond memories and happy stories of the times they shared with their beloved pet. In Jesus’ name we pray. (307)


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